EDC Update - First orders dispatched from our New Polish Warehouse

It’s been a busy few weeks at our European Distribution Centre in Poland with staff, stock and IT equipment all arriving.

The first team from our UK office and warehouse including Simon, Aaron, Chris B, Sam E and Hannah arrived to start setting up and training on-site with the new Polish staff.    Working through all aspects of the warehouse, they have already developed a great working relationship with the Polish team.

UK & Polish Team at the EDC

The arrival of IT equipment was perfectly timed and meant that our order and warehouse management systems could be connected and picking, packing and warehouse training began.

Training in Poland 1Training in Poland 2Training in Poland 3

Tuesday was a momentous day, with our first order sent for picking in the EDC.  It was packed and dispatched with DHL that same day.  A further 10 orders have been dispatched since, each one making the picking, packing and dispatch team more confident using the systems and processes.

Labelling the First EDC OrderFirst Order Dispatched

Now that the staff and IT are moving forward, the next step is to continue to get stock to the EDC so we can fulfil more orders from the new location.   Over the next few months stock will be arriving from both the Far East and from our UK hub, so it won’t take long to fill the new racking.

The Puckator Family, new and old, in the UK and Poland, have all pulled together to get our EDC operational this Autumn, and we would like to thank them all, as well as our customers who have been patient and understanding during this time.  With the project continuing to move forward at a pace, it won’t be long before more orders are fulfilled in Poland.

Check back for more updates soon.