As many customers will know, Puckator is a company that began life in the UK, but we have always felt we belong to Europe. From employing our first French member of staff in 2005, to creating websites in almost every European language over the following decade, to opening our first European office in Valencia in 2011 and continuing that trend with office openings in Italy, Poland, and The Netherlands over the next 9 years, we really are an example of how the EU works for business. It is now over 5 years since the UK voted to leave the EU and Brexit has become a reality, it was not something as a company we wanted, but we have tried to deal with it in the best way we can, and after a shaky start, things are now getting back too normal. Delivery times are improving, and of course all our customers In the EU are now served by our Dutch company, Puckator BV, so there are no customs formalities or taxes to deal with.

After careful consideration, we have decided it is time for the next steps in our European adventure and we have taken the decision to open our very first warehouse on the European mainland. This new warehouse will be based in Wroclaw in South West Poland.

It is brand spanking new and measures almost 5000m2.   It will be large enough for us to serve all our existing EU customers, as well as allow us to grow along with you.



We have already agreed terms with the developer for an initial 5-year lease and the fitting out of the modern office and staff facilities will begin in earnest.

What will this mean for customers based in the EU…. Well, firstly it will mean guaranteed continuity of supply of all our products within the EU, from Ireland to Romania and from Spain to Greece, no matter how the EU’s relationship with the UK changes over time. It will also mean quicker delivery times for almost all our EU customers :) 

For our customers based in the UK your orders will still be supplied from our UK warehouse in Cornwall and we have plans to grow and develop the UK market alongside the European market.  Customers based in countries outside the EU and UK will be supplied from both locations.

We are currently setting an opening target date of the 1st of October 2021, although with the wind behind us and if things go our way, we do very much hope to open even sooner than that and of course until the new warehouse is open, will continue to serve all our EU customers through Puckator BV.

We realise that many customers will be keen to keep up to date on our progress, so any new information or exciting developments will be shared on our blog over the coming months and of course if you have any suggestions to help us along the way, we would love to hear from you.

Finally, if you have ever fancied a career with an innovative, growing proactive company, and you live in the Wroclaw area, please feel free to send us your CV, we will be recruiting for warehouse staff, office staff and management positions over the coming months.

Check back for further developments over the coming weeks.